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CURRICULUM VITAE                                                                                                 2016-09-22


Jalo Porkkala
Born 1950.
Living and working in Pori, Finland.


Lahti Institute of Industrial Arts: Photographer 1979.


University of Art and Design: Photographic Conservation Course 1983.
University of Art and Design & Kuopio Summer University: Fine Print Workshop 1984.
University of Art and Design: British Documentary Photography Workshop 1987.
TAMK University of Applied Sciences / studies in pedagogy, 2008.
Daguerreotype Workshop, Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock, UK, 2011.


Newspaper Ilkka, Seinäjoki: News Photograper 1977 and 1978.
Satakunta Museum, Pori: 1979-1988, Photographer.
Pori Art Museum: Archive photography of Exhibitions and Collections, Photography for Publishing and Press, in 1980's.
Pori Theatre: Photography for Posters, Press, Advertising and Play Decorations 1979-2009.
City of Pori: Photographer for City Development Plan 1980.
Freelance-photographer and teacher since 1988.


Pori International Photosymposium: Planning and Conducting of Museum Photography Workshops 1979, 1980, 1986.
Pori Open College: Teacher of Photography 1986-1989, 1991.
Art Institute of Kankaanpää (later Satakunta University of Applied Sciences / Fine Art): Teacher of Photography and Computer Graphics since 1990.
Pori Art School, Teacher of Photography and Digital Image Processing 2001-2004.
Lecturer in several occasions arranged by local Photography Clubs and Associations since 1979.
Impact 5, The International Printmaking Conference: Demonstration of Cyanotype, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia, 2007.
Alternative Photography International Symposium (APIS), Santa Fe, USA: Presentation of Pigment Toned Vandyke Brown Prints, 2009.
Short courses on Alternative Photography, 2012-2013.


Satakunta University of Applied Sciences: Alternative Processes in Photography and Printmaking, part-time researcher 2007-2011.
Alternative Photography International Symposium (APIS), Santa Fe, USA, 2007, 2009.
Vedos, the working blog of research project (http://vedos.samk.fi), 2007-2011.
Alternative Photography International Symposium (APIS), Santa Fe, USA, 2007, 2009.
PhotoBison, A Photographic Survey, Canada, 2013.
Modern Daguerreotype, 2014.


Prague, Chechoslovakia, 1977.
London, England, 1978, 2009.
Moscow, Soviet Union, 1979.
Los Angeles, USA, 1991.
Warsaw / Krakow, Poland, 1997.
Santa Fe, Tucson, Los Angeles, New York, USA, 2007, 2009, 2012.
Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, 2010.
Canada, 2013.


Articles on Esthetics and Techniques of Photography in Finnish Photography Magazines and Finnish Photographic Yearbook 1982, 1985.
Cultural Images of Satakunta, a publication of the Regional Council of Satakunta, 1989.
Jorma Mukala: Näkökulmia maisemaan. Kankaanpään Taidekoulu, 1993.
Tosi Taidetta – True Art! Kankaanpää, 2000.
Dialogi. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, 2005.
Portfolio – alternative photographic processes. 1st-3rd edition, 2010-2012.
Vuorotyö - Shift Work. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, 2011.
Malin Fabbri: Anthotypes. AlternativePhotography.com, 2012.
AlternativePhotography.com: 2012 Calendar, one of the winning images, 2012
Köyhä dagerrotyyppi – alternative photographic processes. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, 2012.
Alternative Printing Processes, articles in the Finnish KAMERA magazine, 2013-2014
Jill Enfield's Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes, 2013
Lisää keltaista, 2015.


Vaasan läänin taidetoimikunta 1979.
Turun ja Porin läänin taidetoimikunta 1982.
City of Pori 1982.
City of Pori 1985.
Taiteen keskustoimikunta 1985.
Turun ja Porin läänin taidetoimikunta 1997.
Satakunnan taidetoimikunta 1999, 2002, 2009.
Finnish Cultural Foundation, 2009.
Finnish Cultural Foundation, 2012.
Arts Promotion Centre Finland, 2014.
Finnish Museum of Photography, 2014.
"Middle-aged Artist of the Year" by Nyte ry, 2014.
Satakunta Art Prize, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, 2015.


Ostrobothnian Peasant Houses, 1979.
Tranquil Moments, 1983.
Theatre Images, 1990.
Space Bar, Digital Photographs, 1993.
Untitled - 14 Recollections of Life, 1997.
Close Distance, 2003.
The Poor Man's Daguerreotype, 2012.
Jalokuvia, 2014.
My God, is it full of planets?, 2015.


From Own Collection, The Finnish Museum of Photography, 1984.
Autumn Bound, 1985.
Directions - Finnish Photographic Art 1842-1986, 1986-1990.
Heartbreak Hotel, 1997.
Tosi Taidetta - True Art!, 2000.
miniAtyyri, 2002.
Dialogi, 2005.
Political / Poetical, Tallinn Print Triennial, 2007.
Alternative, Tallinn, 2007.
6th International Triennial of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia, 2009.
Theatre Photographs from 30 years, 2009, 2010.
Project Vedos, Brussels, Belgium, 2010.
Vuorotyö - Shift Work, 2010-2011.
The Wetheads, 2011.
Grafiikan linja, 2012.
Holga Out of the Box, 2012, Longview, TX, USA.
Methods (Alternative), 2013, Lexington, VA, USA.
Parade, 2014.
Alternative, Latvian Museum of Photography, 2015.
Pimiö - Darkroom, Finnish Museum of Photography, 2015.
Lisää keltaista, 2015.
Photography ... Otherwise,
Brussels, Belgium, 2015.
Remnants, Astoria, OR, USA, 2016.


Trawling Baltic Herring, (with team), 1980.
PoriJazz, (with team), 1982.


Bark Bread of Karvia, (with team), 1980.


Theatre posters, programmes and brochures, from 1980.
Design of publications, exhibition catalogues and posters of Kankaanpää School of Fine Art and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, from 1992.
Web design, Taidekiila portal, 1998.
Satakunta Art Council, 2003-2004.
Dialogi, publication of Satakunta University, 2005.
Valo – Tila – Aika, (Theatre images), 2009.
Portfolio, alternative photographic processes, 2010-2015.


The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki.
Atelier pH7, Brussels.
Satakunta Museum, Pori.
Rantagalleria-association, Oulu.
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Kankaanpää.
City of Kankaanpää.
Porin Teatterisäätiö rs, Pori.
Private Collections.